Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Little improvements..

...4x5 and 5x7 inserts to 8x10 holder :

what means I don't have to carry 2 cameras for different formats, anymore, I have a new format ('in between' size), and I can use my 300 mm Industar lens with 5x7 or 4x5  - should be nice for portraits or just for change.
Simple thing, but not that easy to do, due to little thickness of these elements.
I did them from balsa wood first, but it soaks up chemicals so badly that collodion stick to it (and the frame rather wouldn't survive long).
Finally my skilful friend Pawel, a carpenter, managed to put them together for me. I think I'll  ask him for 8x8' square and 4x10' panoramic formats as well :) 

5x7 tested on Lubor,
as you can see the enthusiasm of my model was growing with each photograph (hard life of photographer's partners:)

 Lubor & Rysiek 5x7, clear glass ambro

Lubor 2, 5x7

Lubor 3, 5x7


  1. super! ostatnie zdjecie jest mega :D

  2. hehe, caly Lubor! :) dzieki

  3. haha..najwyrazniej Lubor potrzebuje powtorki z naszej letniej nasiadowki ;)