Saturday, 18 January 2014

New studio.New resolutions.

I haven't been on this site too often recently, (-only 3 posts last year), but I really hope to change it now.
Last year I was mainly busy as a first time mother, but also trying to organise some workshops and new working space. We had to reorganise our house, for the new arrival and my previous studio was sucrificed. Orginising a new one took a little bit of time - I've been looking for some space to rent and considering an option of building one. (In the meantime I had no place and time for photography (!))

As it befits architects we went for the second option and together with Lubor we designed and constructed a little studio for me, in our garden.
It measures 3.6 x 2.1m  (internal) and it comprises all what I need for wet and dry work. There's nothing fancy, just a dry and wet table with ordinary kitchen sink, and some storage. It has two windows with darkening option. There are still some electrical works ongoing, and some improvements need to be done, but basicaly it's tested and it works well. I am very happy with it!

The plan is to work hard in it this year :) I'd like to go back to the techniques I've already started to work with a while ago, but haven't got the chance to get deeper in it, try new techniques and materials....
I hope the readers will go back to checking this blog for some interesting reading.

I am always interested in somebody's working space, especially photographer's space, so for those who has a similar interest I enclose some photographs of the new studio and how it was builded.