Friday, 20 June 2014

Tinted Pear

This is my first attempt of hand tinting a collodion image. 
I've been interested in the subject of hand colouring black and white and collodion photographs for a long time, but somehow there was always something more important on the way. 

And it really can't be easier to start!
For a quick trial I got myself a set of 12 Faber Castell soft pastels in Art & Hobby shop and gave it a try. I was a bit surpriced that the effect is so soft and weak, and it took a moment until I started to see any results. The image I've chosen for a test was a bit flat and overexposed and color actually made it much nicer.
I quite like the visible brush strokes here, I've removed them later and the result was more ordinary. Anyway it is very easy to remove the colour, even unintentionally.. 
Looking forward to further tests.