Thursday, 30 December 2010

Monday, 20 December 2010

Collodion process preparation

Finally, after settling down in my new house in Glencree, I managed to put together some bits and pieces in regards to wet plate collodion process preparation. There is still a few small packages that I am waiting for, but generally I’ve got most of the staff and hoping to do my first mix and test shots soon.

1. Camera.
I am going to use contemporary TOYO 4x5 camera for the beginning, with Schneider Apo Symmar lens. I will have to be very careful with any chemicals dripping and clean the camera after each use, otherwise it will corrode  (and I want to use it for film as well)
My dreamy plan is to construct a  wooden camera (8x10) one day J

2. Glass plate holder.
Probably not a great idea – I transformed plastic Fidelity holder. What devides the two sides of the holder is metal plate. It was very difficult to get rid of it in precise way. And my 2mm glass sheets have to be slightly shorter then 5inch to fit the holder. Well, we’ll see, curious if it’s light tight.
I'm waiting for a set of timber holders to transform one of them.

What is not well visible on these photos - on one side I cut off the piece which normally devides dark slide and film, so the glass sits on the edges of what's left after the metal plate.

3. Chemistry.
I’ve got everything for ‘poor boy’ formula (the least toxic one, and cheapest, I guess). I’m afraid to open them J (oh, I don’t have anything for varnishing yet)

4.Glass plates, 2mm, just a few for the beginning.

5.I did a prototype of silver bath tank and dipper from glass. I think I should do it slightly thinner to save the amount of  silver nitrate needed, and I should glue it with transparent silicon to make it look nicer :) .Just need to glue the two triangles on one side or I'll do a timber support, to get the required angle. At the moment it takes 300ml.

At a later stage I'll think about some timber light tight box cover for the tank. For the beggining I'll be using it with safe light.

6. I’m awaiting small digital scale, hope will get it before xmas, and then  just measure the right amount of chemicals, mix them, allow the collodion to mature and START!

Wish me luck..