Monday, 2 May 2011

World Wet Plate Day, 1st May 2011

The 3rd Annual World Wet Plate Day took place yesterday 1st May 2011. I've invited my friends for a presentation of the technique and sitting for portraits. Here are some plates I did to celebrate the day.


Calin and Andrea



Artur on bike and with mustache ;)  
/by the way well done on comming to Glencree by bike from Dublin!!!!/
As recently the collodion is serving me lot of lessons how to treat it in warm weather ( I'll write about it more soon) , this time it was very kind and only got too thick (I guess that's the reason of the thicker lines on plates, and looks like adding some alcohol helped a bit)
But generally it was a great day. Thank you for joining me!


  1. that was a great day!
    ...and it's really looks like a mustache ;) haha

  2. but you're looking good with mustache, maybe you should grow some? :)))