Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Testing 8x10 :)

My new camera needed a little work with a black electrical tape :  I fixed the lens, shutter and lens board all together and to the camera, as they were loose, there was a light leakage in the bellow and its corners were threadbare, so I fixed them in advance too.
Although my release cable is damaged and I'm waiting for a new one, I managed, finally(!), to do some test shots.
 black glass ambrotype, 8x10, 305mm ilex paragon f6.3, 20s

black glass ambrotype, 8x10, 305mm ilex paragon f6.3, 35s

Everything is working OK. Camera is very light as for its size (similar weight to my 4x5 Toyo), nice to work with.

My dark box became a bit tighter and generally it is a bit more difficult to work with a plate which doesn't fit the hand, but for example the developing process is much nicer - the appearing image is so well visible! It is a big pleasure to watch it. I love the process even more now and think
8x10 is quite a decent size photograph that should satisfy me for a while :))

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  1. great results!
    "decent size for a while" says you ;D haha