Friday, 25 February 2011

Wetplate on location...

Two weeks ago, after checking the functionality of the darkbox in my garden, I decided to move with it a little bit further. However my first attempt of taking some collodions on location wasn't successful.

As my equipment is quite outstanding, although, in the place where I tried to take some pictures, photography isn't  forbidden, I wasn't allowed to take any, and I was told I need a written permission to do so! (while a person next to me took a dozen of digital photographs)

So I realised that generally it might be not that easy to take collodion photographs of what I want, what actually quite upset me....I was hoping I'll meet with an interest and support rather than unwillingness, well...

Anyway two days ago I've packed everything again and went just a little up the lane, where I'm living. There was plenty of showers and it was quite windy, so the conditions didn't allow me to take the most out of this adventure, but I've got a few :) :


  1. that's beautiful Monika!
    keep it up!!!
    talking about your "adventure" with first attempt...looks like real photography is not welcomed in some places...
    maybe it is time to get an iphone with wet plate colodion filter/application hahahahahah :D

  2. sure, why to bother? do they do collodion filter already? need to get one! :D

  3. haha. definitely.
    and if they don't i am sure they will have pretty soon. just saw couple of days ago snapshot "uploaded via iphone" with polaroid T55 look ;D

  4. great results,just downloaded the sdk and iv'e written a collodion app. now i juat have to wait for apple to approve it and its yours for 59 cent(only jokin)
    this is great stuff,well done.

  5. Love these Monika, they are beautiful!


  6. Monika
    these are beautiful images. are you giving any workshops as it's hard to get a workshop for this process. warm wishes

  7. thanks Sharon, :) I am actually thinking about giving workshops, and your question encouraged me more, so I think I'll do some in the near future! But first would like to complete one more set of equipment. Would you be interested? :)