Thursday, 10 February 2011


It started last Friday.
I've invited my new friends who are voluntary workers in Glencree Peace and Reconciliation Centre for sitting portraits.
Volunteers are living and working in the Centre for the whole year. It's a mix of fantastic people from all over the world and each of them has a different reason to be here...
So far I've portrayed Nury from Mexico, Jean from Taiwan and Edgar from Brazil.

Then (when I started to like it:) I've invited my neighbours Pawel and Milan, and then I become even more non prudish and I've caught my other neighbour's mother, when passing by close to my cottage :).
Generally I'm hoping to portray more residents of Glencree (village where I'm living since December '10) in the near future (very interesting place and people).
Apart from these projects, if anybody fancy sitting collodion portrait - feel free to visit me!
Thanks to all of those  mentioned above (including Lubor, who's always around)!
/..imagine I hardly took portraits before.../

/f 5.6, 30s/

/f5.6, 3s/

Nury and Jean
/f8, 5s/

/f5.6, 40s/

/f5.6, 30s/

/f5.6, 30s/

Charlie's morher
/f5.6, 30s/

/f5.6, 10s/

/f5.6, 40s/

Lubor :)
/f5.6, 30s/

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