Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Collodion meets Holga

Finally I've tried it. I didn't transform my holga at all as I still want to use it with film. I just stick my aluminium plate inside the camera body with an electrical tape, along two edges, to prevent it from moving. Working with such a small plate is challenging, but it's a good fun. Wondering if it will be feasible with 35mm?
Exposure times not that bad:

Holga 120 GN
Optical lens 60mm
6x6 tintype, 40s exposure:

6x6 tintype,1min 15s (low light conditions, a bit overdeveloped) :


  1. Nice!

    I don't like shooting the holga, I may need to do a permanent conversion.

    You can go much smaller, I've shot an 110 format (13x19mm) ambrotype successfully - you'll just need some subbing as the collodion doesn't have much glass to adhere to.

  2. Hi John, thanks for you tip. I guess some tweezers would be useful to operate such a small plate! cheers

  3. Interesting, and I like your results!

  4. Ah... pretty amazing!
    I just moved back to my country and I can't wait to start doing some wet plate.

    1. thanks Mauricio and good luck with pouring!