Friday, 17 June 2011

Killruddery House and Gardens.

Killruddery estate was my latest photography destination and actually first real and remote work on location. I went to take some test photographs and  I'm happy with the results. It was a big pleasure to work there.

Killruddery House and Gardens are located close to Bray and  belong to the Earls of Meath.
The Gardens are the original 17th century design, with 18th and 19th century additions, perfectly balanced, with beautiful zinc, stone or cast iron statues.

The majestic House dates from late1600s, it was remodelled by Richard and William Morrisson in 1820 and reduced to its present propotions in 1953. The most splendid part of the house is The Orangery with its original glass dome -work of Richard Turner, (who designed the glass houses in the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin), and with an interesting collection of marble statues.

Killruddery site with its intimate character and historical importance is an ideal place for photography work. I met with an understanding and interest in collodion technique there and I'll be taking more photographs of this place in the near future. 


  1. super :-) a może pokażesz kilka zdjęć z backstage'u..? ;-)

  2. @ Aleksandra - to ja mam kilka takich ;D musze je jednak Monice najpierw przeslac ;)

  3. wlasnie Arturze, poslij mi cos, ale to by bylo z wet plate day,
    Ola z Killudery niestety nie mam , bylam zbyt przejeta i skupiona na odpowiednim chlodzeniu chemii,wyprobowywujac moj najnowszy zakup - lodowke samochodowa ;)ale obiecuje za nastepnym razem cos zrobie